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Hyperion Business Consultants offers long-term job options with professional growth, work-life balance, and fun! We are a competitive employer with world-class incentives for loyalty and commitment.

Hyperion Business Consultants is a specialised BPO company offering world-class outsourcing solutions to global enterprises. We provide an environment where you can work while retaining what is most valuable to you: your time, health, and life.

At Hyperion, work is no longer just about getting things done. We place a high value on our employees’ well being since we believe their health impacts their effectiveness at work. Employees at Hyperion embrace a work-play mindset to support the company’s family-oriented culture. We encourage our staff to be happy and healthy both at work and outside the office.

Hyperion wants to be an inspiring and stimulating place to work. To begin, we must make a positive contribution to the lives of all of our employees by investing in their professional development as well as their personal growth and development.

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Interview Tips – Job Interview Guide 2022

Congratulations, you have been invited to an interview. It means you have passed the first stage of the screening process. Exceptional work! Your CV has demonstrated that you possess the necessary qualifications for the position.

The next stage is a face-to-face interview. At this point, it is critical to plan and prepare for the interview to ensure your success.

Nothing is worse than looking back on the interview for the dream job you did not get and wishing you had been more prepared.

Here are Hyperion Business Consultants’ top job interview tips to make sure you get ahead of the game.

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How to Prepare Pass Win

at an  Interview

Preparedness is critical for job interviews, and it may make all the difference. A sense of self-assurance and familiarity with the firm you will be meeting are two benefits of prepping.

Take a copy of your application form, cover letter, or CV, as well as the original job specification, so that you can go over everything on the way to the interview. Read and re-read the job description to ensure that you are familiar with all the details. If you are bringing documents, organise them in a professional folder. Papers lying around can give the impression of being unorganised.

Before your interview, familiarise yourself with the Hyperion website. The interviewer will expect you to know their business. Your knowledge demonstrates a genuine interest in their company. Knowledge of our company is a frequently requested topic.

You may make a positive first impression by showing up early for an interview. Most recruiters will not offer a job to a candidate who is more than 10 minutes late for an interview, regardless of how well the candidate performs. There are, of course, times when things go awry, and you need to alter your plans. You should call the recruitment consultant at least ten minutes before the start of your interview to inform them that you are running late.

When interviewing in an unfamiliar location, plan your route ahead of time to ensure that you arrive on time. If possible, print out a map or make sure your phone is charged with Google Maps enabled. Determine how long it will take you to get there and, if possible, take a practise run a few days prior. Aim to arrive ten minutes before the interview begins. You will appear more professional and have a bit more time to unwind once you are there. 

Make sure that you are comfortable answering common interview questions. You can prepare by practising alone or with a friend, and you should be ready to answer uncommon interview questions. 

Challenging questions, such as ‘How would your colleagues describe you?’ are commonly posed during job interviews, as they have the potential to throw you off your game. The job description details the skills and abilities required for the role. Concentrate your comments on these points.



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The Root to a New Career


1.Upload Your Resume

Select your preferred job. Please upload your resume. A member of our recruitment team will contact you to set up a brief phone interview. Select your preferred job.


2. Phone Interview

Recruiters will contact potential hires directly to learn more about their qualifications such as education, work history, and current availability.


3. Verification

To have a thorough understanding of the applicant’s needs and expectations, including the role’s technical requirements.


4. Skill Test

Your abilities will be put to the test to see if you are qualified for the position you have applied for.


5. On-Site Interview

A series of interviews that last anywhere from a few hours to a full day at the company’s office. For candidates, going on-site can be an important part of the interview process.


6. Client Interview

Final interviews often include discussions with clients. A more in-depth discussion, usually with the solutions manager present.

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