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As technology has progressed and customer expectations have risen, the contact centre has evolved into a very different environment from where it was even a decade or two ago.

Increasingly, customers can interact with companies in numerous ways, from email to social media to chatbots. Consequently, it is understandable that contact centres have altered their approach towards how to provide service to their customers.

Rather than handling everything within a single solution, it is now standard procedure to have different solutions for various industries based on the product/service they provide. Businesses can work much more efficiently, achieve better results, and provide a better customer experience (CX) across all channels.

Hyperion Business Consultants will investigate these various contact centre solutions and assist you in determining which category is best suited.

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The 4 Managed Solutions

Inbound Solution

Traditionally, when you think of a contact centre, you might think of one that is primarily concerned with answering phone calls and not much else. These are inbound contact centres, as the name implies.

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They are the backbone of customer service. Their primary goal is to address customer issues such as service inquiries, inbound sales inquiries, order fulfilment issues, technical issues, and general help desk issues.

The demand for inbound contact centres continues to be high because many people still prefer to communicate with businesses over the phone. Inbound solutions use cutting-edge technology, such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and interactive voice response (IVR), to provide efficient and timely customer service to your clients.

All businesses will have some process for responding to customer inquiries at some level. According to the size of your company, the demands of your customers, and how many phone calls you receive, our solutions will be a perfect fit.

Outbound Solution

Outbound solutions get implemented by businesses looking to engage with their customers and encourage them to participate in proactive sales and marketing activities. These outbound solutions are employed to acquire new customers.

Typical examples of what happens with an outbound solution include telemarketing and sales, cold calling, customer follow-ups, upselling, and lead generation, among other things.

Any company that intends to expand and grow its operations in-house will struggle to succeed without the assistance of one of these outbound platforms.

To be successful, you’ll need a good strategy, which should include defining the types of clients you want to target as well as a thorough plan for how you’ll win them over.

Multichannel  Solutions

Here is where things start to get interesting. Until now, we have looked at solutions that use traditional channels such as phone and email, but in today’s world, that is often insufficient.

The multichannel solution is there to meet the demands of customers who, on average, use 4-5 channels to get in touch with a business.

In addition to phone and email, the multichannel platform enables social media, mobile apps, websites, chatbots, instant messengers, and SMS, among others. While phones remain critical to these solutions, they are merely one of several instruments employed in a multichannel context to assist organisations in offering superior customer service.

If you’re serious about establishing your brand as a market leader, investing in a multichannel solution will provide you with a substantial competitive advantage.

A Hyperion Business Consultants multichannel solution leverages additional channels and methods to achieve your objectives, rather than relying solely on telephone contacts.

Omnichannel Solutions

Omnichannel solutions are similar to multichannel solutions in terms of customer service and company communications. In contrast, the omnichannel solution seamlessly integrates all communication entry points into a single platform. This is the fundamental difference. Since each customer is unique, businesses can now provide a more personalised service rather than relying on the same approach for everyone.

An omnichannel solution integrates everything so that all the data, no matter where or when it was collected, can be easily accessed from any location. Modern consumers expect customised services from agents. They can easily access all the information required to provide the customised services that modern consumers expect. They have a complete picture of the customer’s journey.

An omnichannel solution is a must-have for any company hoping to keep and win over current customers while attracting new ones.

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