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Every business owner’s dream is to spend time with their loved ones while their site generates income on its own. However, the reality is that as their business grows, they will be required to work longer and harder hours.

When it comes to the e-commerce industry, one of the main issues business owners face is driving targeted traffic. But once the traffic arrives, a second problem arises, how do you handle these potential customers?

Customer inquiries, product delivery, and after-sales support: there is an endless stream of activities to attend to, all of which have a significant impact on your lifestyle.

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Some businesses establish relationships with multiple service providers to handle these functions. However, this creates complications, most notably managing the various relationships and ensuring quality control. The Hyperion E-commerce Full Suite solution is the ideal combination of tools and services for arming your business with the best tools for getting things done. You are no longer required to juggle numerous third-party relationships, tasks, and inefficiencies. Integrate the Hyperion E-commerce Full Suite into your business, bringing all your business functions together under one solution. Full Suite preserves your freedom and time with your family, thus allowing you to work on your business rather than in it.

What Makes the Full Suite Unique

The Hyperion E-commerce Full Suite is a collection of eCommerce solutions, each of which is tailored to your store’s unique characteristics, size, and budget.

A Free Marketing Blueprint

Hyperion will create a marketing blueprint formulated by an eCommerce professional, tailor-made for your business. A marketing blueprint is drawn with the customer experience in mind, as seen through the customer’s eyes. By following a clear path, you ensure cross-channel continuity to improve overall brand perception, increase sales and customer satisfaction, and provide synergies to boost company profitability. And all of this by simply developing a blueprint or footprint for your marketing strategies.

A Free Digital Marketing Specialist

Today, we see approximately 5,000 advertisements per day, compared to around 500 in the 1970s. To capture the attention of their potential customers, brands require passionate and creative social media specialists to create and promote compelling content. A marketing specialist possesses the analytical and interpersonal skills necessary to expeditiously implement the marketing blueprint’s objectives identify your target audience, and develop a better understanding of your customers and their needs. They can also help you get your customers’ attention by using your social media channels in the most effective way possible.

More Insight with Free Data Analytics

Hyperion E-commerce Full Suite helps eliminate data silos by connecting your e-commerce platform, advertising channels, web analytics, fulfilment, loyalty, customer support, and more in one place for more holistic e-commerce analytics dashboards. Instantly obtain a comprehensive view of performance with pre-built e-commerce dashboards for key performance indicators (KPIs), marketing channels, customers, products, orders, inventory, and subscriptions. With powerful attribution, profitability, and lifetime value reporting for Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and email, you can accelerate customer acquisition and develop marketing strategies.

How Does Full Suite Work

The Full Suite consists of three e-commerce solutions. Each is personalised to the unique demands and budgets of e-commerce businesses planning to grow their client base and brand exposure while streamlining operations. Full Suite provides small business owners with affordable access to a highly-skilled workforce and a wide range of specialised services giving the seasoned professional or the grassroots startup a significant advantage.

The three defined solutions are Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each package includes a marketing assistant with additional staff options, giving you the freedom to build a team that fits your budget and needs. All solutions encompass a Hybrid Mobile application, a custom marketing strategy, and full access to Glew, a comprehensive business intelligence platform for e-commerce. Each of the Full Suite solutions includes an account manager and Time Doctor software, ensuring complete oversight and visibility.

The three options are divided by working hours. For example, the Silver Solution standard is two hours per day, which is ideal for grassroots and early start-ups, but has the option to upgrade to four hours or a full-time eight hours per day. The Gold and Platinum solutions reflect this. The Full Suite is fully customisable to meet your e-commerce requirements.

You can assemble a team based on ten distinct job roles. With a free Digital Marketing Specialist as a foundation, the options are:

Graphic Designer


Video Editor

Product Lister

Retention/Community Specialist

Customer Service 

Front End Developer

SEO Content Writer

Order Clerk 

Personal Assistant

Silver Full Suite

Silver Full Suite is an excellent choice for eCommerce startups and organizations looking for expert assistance with brand awareness and website traffic generation. Silver can be contracted as a shared resource or as a stand-alone team.

Gold Full Suite

Gold Full Suite is a well-rounded solution perfect for e-commerce companies seeking growth. Gold is a comprehensive solution that is ideal for growing e-commerce businesses. This solution enables a more adaptable team. Gold can be contracted as a shared resource or as a stand-alone solution.

Platinum Full Suite

Platinum is the go-to solution for the seasoned professional or eCommerce business looking to accelerate its growth. Providing a comprehensive suite This solution enables a team to be much more adaptable. Platinum is available on a shared resource basis or as a stand-alone solution.

Staffing and Costs

Silver Full Suite Costs

Marketing Blueprint (Free)

Data Analytics (Free)

Marketing Assistant (Free)

Plus 2 more from the staffing list

The hours below are for each staff picked.

The cost is the total overall monthly fee.

Hours per Day
Hours per Month

AUD $2,135
NZ    $2,175
USD $1,530
GBP £1,155
EUR €1,400

Hours per Day
Hours per Month

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Hours per Day
Hours per Month

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