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General Outsourcing FAQ’s

  • Scalability: Outsourcing allows you to increase or decrease your workforce quickly without worrying about recruiting hassles, large severance packages, liability issues, etc.
  • Direct Savings: Employing a Paragon agent typically reduces your costs by 25–55% compared to most developed markets.
  • Ancillary Savings: Costs associated with recruiting, HR, legal, taxes, and government mandates are all borne by Hyperion Business Consultants.
  • Focus: Hyperion assumes most, if not all, of the management duties and responsibilities for your extended team, allowing you to focus your time, energy, and resources on business strategy.
  • Flexibility: Your extended team is available to work in any time zone, 24/7.


Our clients routinely save 25–55% compared to what they would pay for an equally experienced workforce in their native country. The savings are partly due to our strategically chosen offshore sites’ incredibly cheap overhead and cost of living.

Savings include expenditures related to employee maintenance and support (infrastructure), support services (payroll and benefits), hours spent by legal teams on issues such as liability, compliance, and others, and recruiting expenses.

These substantial savings have propelled the outsourcing industry’s exponential rise. The majority of the Global 500 companies have already outsourced portions of their operations, and many smaller businesses have followed suit.

Historically, outsourcing has benefited giant multinational corporations, although outsourcing is well-suited to small and medium-sized businesses.

As a general rule, businesses of all sizes gain by rapidly scaling their operations, saving money, and concentrating their efforts on their core competencies. But for obvious reasons, small businesses feel the benefits of these benefits the most.

Hyperion’s clients range from those who have outsourced entire teams to those who have hired a single agent. Every client is important, and we work hard to give each of them the attention and service they deserve.

Hyperion specialises in supplying exceptional, technically savvy agents who are experts in a variety of fields, including advertising operations, creative design, 3D visualisations, and technical assistance.

Clients also come to us for more traditional back-office support and call centre services, which we happily accommodate. Please see our Services page for a complete list of the services we can provide.

Your offshore staff can be up and running in as little as two to four weeks, depending on the skillsets you select.

Absolutely. All of our clients are encouraged to visit their extended team whenever possible. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to become more acquainted with your teammates. Clark International Airport is around twenty minutes away, while Manila International Airport is approximately 1.5 hours away.

We will transport you to and from the airport in our VIP shuttle, make hotel arrangements for you, and provide you with a local guide who will recommend the best activities and eateries to enjoy during your downtime.

How Extended Teams Work

No. In the same way that a local employee works as an extension of your team, a Hyperion agent does the same. They are dedicated to your business. Hyperion accomplishes this by prohibiting our agents from freelancing or moonlighting for other companies.

Hyperion retains only the very best talent. Such agents are in high demand and rarely accept part-time work. As a result, Hyperion does not offer this service.

As a matter of routine, Hyperion manages all operational aspects, including the following:

  • Facilities
  • IT support
  • Compliance
  • Corrective Actions
  • Coaching
  • Recruitment
  • HR (Payroll, Benefits, etc.)
  • Team-building and morale-boosting

Hyperion can actively or passively oversee the performance of your team. The solution’s signing stage typically confirms this. The agreed-upon guidelines include oversight as part of the solution. Some clients choose to manage their teams from afar without the assistance of a manager.

Most clients, however, choose a middle ground where Hyperion designates a team coordinator who is responsible for 

1) managing communications between you and your extended team,

2) coordinating the assignation of tasks, 

3) monitoring KPIs, 

4) punctuality and attendance.

Each business operates differently, and Hyperion enables our clients to be as involved or as inactive as they like.

Hyperion is a large organisation that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our agents work in all time zones. The standard workday is eight hours per day, five days a week. However, overtime is typically an option.

Our terms and conditions include a detailed vacation policy. As a standard, your extended staff will follow the same vacation schedule as your in-house teams. However, upon request, Hyperion can readily accommodate any holiday schedule that is more convenient for you.

Your agents are legally employed by Hyperion Business Consultants but contractually committed to working exclusively for your benefit.

The contract enables you to manage the agents as if they were in-house employees while avoiding the costs and constraints associated with full-time employment, such as benefits, taxes, legal, and human resources.

The Recruiting Methodology

Hyperion maintains a diverse pool of highly skilled agents who are subject matter experts in their range of fields. Additionally, we utilise an effective recruitment and selection platform, enabling a thorough examination of all applicants’ abilities and psychological characteristics.

The talent acquisition team at Hyperion Business Consultants selects the most promising candidates from a pool of thousands of applicants and conducts interviews and tests to ascertain the candidates’ aptitude, communication skills, technical skills, and fit with our business culture and expectations. Each agent undergoes a thorough screening process, which includes the following:

  • Verification of resumes
  • An initial interview conducted by Human Resources 
  • Conduct a background check.
  • Evaluation of verbal communication
  • Evaluation of written communication
  • Evaluation of subject matter
  • Management’s second interview
  • The expert interview
  • Internal debate and overall evaluation
  • Client interview
  • Contract of employment offer

Regardless of whether we source your agents internally or from outside, each candidate will have gone through our exhaustive screening process outlined above and been determined to be a good fit for your needs based on your specifications. You now have the option of interviewing the candidates in person to make your final selection.

Yes. We recommend that our clients do in-person or video conferencing interviews with each candidate. We are assisting you in developing your extended team, so your input and approval are crucial.

Hyperion’s talent acquisition team collaborates similarly to that of your internal recruiters. After individuals have passed through our stringent screening procedure, we will provide you with profiles of the most qualified candidates. At this point, you can choose to conduct interviews with the candidates to ascertain their qualifications, aptitudes, and abilities in greater detail.

Once you’ve identified the agents you wish to engage, Hyperion will onboard them and ensure they’re prepared and equipped for your assignment.

Management & Training

Unless you specifically request an untrained agent, Hyperion Business consultants will present you with agents familiar with the systems and processes that your extended team will use.

You can train your team directly (in person or remotely), indirectly (via manuals, online channels), or through a proxy using one of our trainers who will instruct, monitor, and improve your expanded team’s required capabilities.

Additionally, Hyperion offers an internal “Self Improvement Programme” in collaboration with our human resource department. The curriculum empowers participants and builds on their existing abilities.

You can be as involved in the management of your team as you choose. Most clients choose to delegate day-to-day oversight to Hyperion and communicate with their teams or team coordinators once a week. However, some clients prefer to micromanage their workers to the hourly level, while others prefer to remain hands-off and only examine performance reports.

Our adaptability enables us to modify the management process and reporting structure according to your preferences.

While client unhappiness with a Hyperion agent is exceedingly rare, a performance management structure is ready. The plan carefully tracks and documents each incident.

The framework begins with a warning to underperforming agents, followed by additional coaching, the development of a performance plan for the agent, additional monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the performance plan is working, when necessary, corrective actions (disciplinary measures), and finally, the agent’s replacement.

Each component of the performance management system is meticulously documented and given to you in real-time.

Terms of Engagement

Simply fill out our contact form with the services you require and project specifics, and we will contact you within 24 hours to take the outsourcing relationship to the next level. Or book a meeting by following this link Pre Discovery

Unlike most BPOs, Hyperion Business Consultants makes every effort to keep start-up costs to a minimum. With Hyperion, the only start-up costs are recruitment fees and a security deposit.

Recruitment Fee: The fee is $100 per agent required. The charge is in place to deter less serious inquiries. The recruitment fee is deducted from the first invoice upon completion of recruitment or refunded in full if Hyperion is unable to complete the post.

Security Deposit: The security deposit is equal to one month’s invoice and is required to reserve your agents until the start date. Until the deposit is paid, Hyperion cannot guarantee the availability of any agent introduced to you. 

Adding more agents in the future will 

A 12-month contract is standard.

Yes, this is one of the key benefits of outsourcing. Adding additional team members will not necessitate a recruitment fee.

Downsizing due to changes in the economic environment requires a one-month notice. Staff reductions as a result of an underperforming agent and Hyperion’s inability to identify a suitable replacement will result in no fees and a complete refund of the deposit paid for that particular seat.

Each of our agents has signed a non-compete agreement that precludes them from working directly for you or any of your competitors. The agreement safeguards both our customers and Hyperion.

Hyperion Business Consultants will provide you with a monthly invoice. Payments can be made through Quickbook integration or bank transfer.

Hyperion Business Consultants are transparent in their fee structure and presentation. All costs are laid bare in the solution brief, including any hardware or software upgrades.

Privacy & Security

Hyperion Business Consultants takes our clients’ data security extremely seriously, creating numerous layers of defence to ensure that you have peace of mind when sharing data with your extended team. These measures include the following:

  • Each computer is equipped with a sophisticated monitoring system that prevents access to any unauthorised website.
  • We fully comply with the GDPR requirements.
  • On request, PCI-compliant rooms are available.
  • All PCs are housed on a secure server and have no access to external storage devices.
  • Each of our clients has a VLAN.
  • Additionally, we may physically partition off portions of our network if necessary.
  • We have state-of-the-art firewalls and anti-virus safeguards.
  • Access to the building is controlled both by 24/7 security guards and biometrics.
  • CCTV coverage over every room
  • We can incorporate any additional precautions you desire.

Hyperion Business Consultants use non-disclosure agreements and non-compete clauses with all of our clients, as well as with every agent and candidate. Furthermore, all agents go through a confidentiality and privacy course as a part of their training and are regularly monitored and coached on relevant best practices.

Facilities & Infrastructure

Yes. We have ample bandwidth, a 24-hour IT crew monitoring connectivity across all lines, load balancing and failover, secured workstations, CCTV, biometrics, training rooms, and conference rooms.

Hyperion Business Consultants provide redundancy on a one-to-one basis. We have multiple fibre lines. Workstations are fitted with an uninterruptible power supply, and the entire facility is backed up by commercial generators.

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