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The process of obtaining funding for your company from investors, venture capitalists, or other sources is known as “raising capital.”

Capital is required whether you are launching a new business or expanding an established one. While you may have sufficient funds on hand, you will almost certainly need to seek financing to make your concept a reality.

There are two primary types of capital available: debt and equity. Debt capital refers to the process of borrowing money and repaying it with interest. Meanwhile, equity capital refers to the act of selling company stock or shares in order to get funding.

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Different Ways to raise Money For Your Company

If you are looking to raise capital for your business, the following are some of the most popular methods:

“Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.”

  • Debt financing is through small business loans from a financial institution, such as a bank.
  • Venture capital funds are run by individuals, groups of individuals, corporations, or super funds.
  • Angel investment comes from angel investors who have expertise in a certain industry and want to invest in it.
  • Crowdfunding and crowd-sourced funding are where large groups of people invest small amounts into a business. This is usually done in exchange for equity or a reward.
  • Bootstrapping a business using your own cash, and sustaining it through revenue is possible.
  • Government funding grants, such as funding programmes or tax incentive rebates.
  • Funding from family or friends.

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