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Get to Know Us!

Our story. It starts with you.

Since our inception, listening, learning, and relationship building has been key to who we are and how we approach outsourcing. A productive partnership is built on mutual respect and understanding. Learn more about who we are, our beliefs, and our values. Evaluate whether Hyperion is the ideal outsourcing partner for your business. 

Diversity and Inclusion

It is more than a state of being. It is an action we intentionally take in everything we do. Whether you’re applying for a job or becoming a client, we embrace, encourage, and celebrate the differences that make up our community.

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 About Hyperion 

Hyperion Business Consultants was created in early 2021 as a provider of outsourced technical support and services. In 2022, our company transformed into a provider of customised outsourced services to businesses worldwide.

Today, Hyperion is a specialised outsourcing company that delivers customised solutions to enterprises of all sizes. Our primary areas of expertise are Traditional offshore services, Real Estate Support, e-commerce and financial specialisations. Our clients include start-ups, established businesses, and even other BPOs.

Our Vision

Hyperion Business Consultants aim to increase the efficiency of our partners' outsourcing processes while also improving the local communities through generous pay, education, training, and service.

Our Mission

The mission of Hyperion Business Consultants is to become a globally recognised leader in the outsourcing business, notably in e-commerce and technology services. Our vision as an organisation asks for only one KPI: client satisfaction. We place a premium on the quality of our services.

Our Facilities

A positive work environment is crucial to the performance and motivation of your offshore team. Hyperion accomplishes this by mixing formal workplace settings with vibrant areas for relaxation. Hyperion has multiple locations across Angeles.

Our Culture

A strong company culture serves as the foundation for a company's morale, retention, and performance. We are devoted at Hyperion to building a culture that fosters a well-balanced atmosphere, which in turn drives our staff.

Why We Stand Tall

Sustainable growth with smart outsourcing solutions is Hyperion Business Consultants’ company mantra.

We endeavour to provide businesses of all sizes with the tools they need to grow by bringing together skilled people and cutting-edge technology.

Our team strives to assist you in transforming your business and developing your brand by leveraging our global expertise and well-defined processes.

We are an entrepreneurial business with extensive expertise in collaborating with our partners to solve real-world problems. At the foundation of what we do is a collaboration approach. Our clients know they can outsource with confidence when they come to us.

Hyperion Amenities

The Client Solutions offices of Hyperion Business Consultants are located in Clark, Pampanga. Our offices are outfitted with state-of-the-art IT systems with built-in redundancy, which means that everything is backed up and any internal issues are flagged instantly with an automatic switch to a backup system.

Three Internet service providers provide backup in the event of an interruption. Each station is equipped with a power pack, and the office also has autonomous power generators.


The security measures at Hyperion Business Consultants include guarded gates and biometrics, and facial recognition on entry. We also have receptionists 24 hours a day.


Hyperion Business Consultants main Clients outsourcing Solutions Office

Why Outsource with Hyperion

With more than a decade of experience in outsourcing, Hyperion’s benefits extend well beyond cost savings. Leveraging national talent pools to deliver quantifiable results, we provide value to your brand and position you for success.

  • Hyperion hires only the best people and matches its resources with the goals and beliefs of its clients. Performance is managed by coaching and mentoring, with an emphasis on operational effectiveness.
  • We Optimize the efficiency of your outsourced staff through coaching and mentoring, with a focus on operational effectiveness.
  • Our team will train and empower your employees using our proven training technique, examining all results and evaluating for increased efficiency through continuous improvement.

Scalable Processes

Hyperion can create organisational models that solve your company's unique pain areas. We can build a plan and deploy solutions that will enable the expansion of business operations as envisioned by stakeholders. Optimise your operational efficiency as Hyperion adapts business roles to your most critical requirements.


To keep up with the constantly evolving landscape in nearly every industry, many small businesses take the burden of specific ‘behind-the-scenes’ functions and processes off their plate so they can focus on what they do best. By delegating some tasks to professionals who carry them out on a daily basis, these businesses can avoid the need for time-consuming internal training, guarantee that the work is done correctly, and improve the efficiency of their primary business goals.

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In Hyperion, consistency is highly valued. Consequently, we are devoted to providing high-quality service bolstered by ongoing training and assistance. Hyperion uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to determine whether our employees can offer consistent results, accommodate innovations, and represent your company with full authority. 

Hyperion a Different Solution

Strategic Outsourcing

With the advent of automation and cloud-based solutions, the outsourcing or business process outsourcing decision has become increasingly complex.

The motivation for outsourcing has changed away from cost reductions and toward best-of-breed strategic sourcing solutions, value-based services, flexible pricing, and greater customer satisfaction.

As a result, it’s all too easy to make the incorrect supplier choice. Strategic sourcing from Hyperion Business Consulting solves this need by offering support throughout the whole sourcing lifecycle, from strategy to execution and governance.

Breadth & Depth of Experience

Through strategic alliances and diversified outsourcing solutions, we understand what is required to optimise operations.

Our breadth and depth of experience navigating the complicated managed services environment empower us to optimise our clients’ operations and business processes.

Our clients realise their strategic business objectives with the proper combination of technology and services.

Our consultants apply our time-tested methodology to design sourcing strategies that generate a business case for change, identify sourcing opportunities, and assist clients in evaluating partner capabilities for future requirements.


Hyperion’s recommendations strike a balance between long-term strategic objectives and immediate tactical needs based on a thorough grasp of your vision, key business drivers, and constraints.

We then prioritise your requirements to provide a roadmap for implementation, complete with recommendations, milestones, and dates.

The capacity for innovation is critical to company success. We view things differently at Hyperion, and at our heart, you’ll find a creative group of innovators focused on forward-thinking solutions that help your business innovate, develop, and prosper.

Hyperion Core Team

An Ideal Outsourcing Partner

In an ideal partnership, your organisation and Hyperion Business Consultants share a similar vision and contribute equally to the success of the outsourcing solution. We can assist you in defining reasonable expectations and articulating the advantages of outsourcing the process.

Finding an outsourcing partner who shares your vision and can integrate effortlessly into your company’s culture involves extensive up-front work to acquire a comprehensive grasp of the project’s scope and to discuss the processes and procedures in detail.

During the selection process, tough questions need to be asked, like:

  • Is there strategic synergy between the two organisations? Can they work together to achieve a high level of benefit?
  • Is there an opportunity for growth? Can the relationship and its benefits be expanded?
  • Does the relationship reduce the level of risk for your business? 
  • Are your corporate cultures compatible?
  • Is there clarity of purpose? Are the goals and benefits explicit and clear?
  • Does each party benefit fairly from the relationship? 
  • Does Hyperion have in place a management team capable of delivering best-in-class services?
  • Can Hyperion leverage industry experience to devise improved solutions?
4 business people one on a ladder drawing processes on a whiteboard

Real Estate Outsourcing

Your own dedicated outsourced real estate assistant AUD$2,350 a month.

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