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35% of Consumers Have Never Heard of the Metaverse

According to Gartner, Inc., more than a third of consumers (35%) had never heard of the metaverse. In January 2022, Gartner performed a study of 324 consumers to ascertain where the average American stands on the metaverse awareness spectrum.

According to the survey, 58% of respondents have either heard of the metaverse but are unsure of its meaning or believe they understand it but would struggle to explain it to someone else. Only 6% of respondents consider themselves confident enough in their understanding of the metaverse to describe it to others.

The report is an indicator of tempered consumers’ short-term expectations about the metaverse and its potential impact on their daily lives. It will be fascinating to observe how meta-aware businesses begin to make sense of next-generation technology to provide innovative products, services, and experiences to the world.

Technologies that are connected with the metaverse, such as blockchain projects or digital currencies, must be recognised as disruptive to current thinking. Even effectively communicating corporate use cases for metaverse-adjacent concepts like AI and augmented reality will go a long way toward demystifying what is still mostly an unknown technology to the average consumer.

Of those who are at least aware of the metaverse, 60% have no opinion on it, and only 18% are enthusiastic about it. Meanwhile, 21% express anxiety about the metaverse’s potential impact on their lives.

Businesses with an interest in the metaverse have significant challenges in changing consumer perceptions. Contemplating the metaverse is a luxury that the majority of people lack at the moment. Getting people to see beyond specific bits of AI or head-mounted displays is critical if they are to genuinely embrace the diverse technologies that comprise the whole metaverse. There are numerous sophisticated, inventive new ideas and business models that the average consumer must easily grasp, or businesses will lose interest.


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