Increase Growth by Attracting and Retaining Digital Talent

A Lack of True E-commerce Talent is a Substantial Factor Preventing Growth in D2C.

A significant impediment to D2C growth is a scarcity of true e-commerce talent. Finding and attracting qualified candidates can be challenging, and it necessitates cultural, structural, and monetary reforms. Because talent is limited and competition is severe, acquiring relevant talent may require a fundamental rethinking of traditional tactics. We provide three realistic ways of increasing an organization’s e-commerce skill pool.

The first phase is to identify and promote top talent from across the organisation to D2C roles. Relevant talent is sourced by evaluating their abilities, mindsets, and aptitude for D2C e-commerce roles. Incoming leaders can prepare for their roles through structured training programmes that assist them with onboarding and getting started.

Second, “anchor” hires into senior roles from other companies should be a priority. These anchor hires offer the necessary skills, experience, expertise, and credibility to the D2C business but also assist in elevating the organization’s profile, which in turn helps recruit top talent for their particular functions and teams.

Third, “acqui-hiring” could be considered to scale the entire D2C organisation rapidly across levels. This involves procuring exceptional talent through acquisitions of e-commerce start-ups and scale-ups and providing them with the necessary support to integrate into the larger company and become a catalyst for e-commerce growth.

These three approaches can assist in avoiding the difficulties associated with a lack of experience or a mismatch in skills, both of which can be detrimental in this fast-paced, challenging, and dynamic environment.


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