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What is outsourced information technology support? In simple terms, outsourced IT support is a technical service that assists with computer technology that is not owned by a company employee. It encompasses the day-to-day IT support requests that any business encounters, such as systems administration and technical support. It is a critical function of every business.

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Reasons to Outsource IT Services

IT outsourcing is a rapidly growing segment of the industry and can be a beneficial solution for a variety of businesses. Both large corporations and young start-ups benefit from outsourcing. This approach enables you to save money and gain a competitive edge. Additionally, a Deloitte survey found that COVID-19 has dispelled the myth that physical co-location of resources is required to foster trust in the workplace.

All the indicators point to a shift in the balance of power in favour of outsourcing. So, here’s your quick guide to IT outsourcing, designed to help you understand what it is and why you need it.

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3 Common IT Outsourcing Models

Before you sign a contract with Hyperion, you should choose a cooperation model. While some types of IT outsourcing appeal to geographical location alone, the outsourcing business model defines how you collaborate and the final goals of such a collaboration. These are the three most common IT outsourcing models.

A Project-Based Model

How it works: The client hires a team to carry out the planned and defined portion of work. The project manager from the outsourced team is fully accountable for the project’s quality and performance.

When and how to use: The project-based model of IT outsourcing is well-suited for straightforward projects with predictable and well-studied functionality.

A Dedicated Team Model

How it works: The client hires a team to create a project exclusively for them. Compared to the project-based model, a dedicated team is more invested in the success of your project. An outsourced team serves as your technical and product advisors in this model. As a result, it can offer suggestions and alternative solutions.

When and how to use: The dedicated team, IT outsourcing model is best suited for growth-stage startups, complex long-term projects with the potential for expansion, and projects with numerous vague requirements. A dedicated team is a solution to validating an idea, determining product-market fit, or creating a minimum viable product to test the market.

Outstaff Model

How it works: It is a type of IT outsourcing where you do not require a complete development team and instead hire individual specialists. Occasionally, a project will require the addition of a few professionals, and you are free to hire out staff workers to cover that scope of work.

When to use: The outstaff IT outsourcing model is best suited for short-term projects due to the risk that your outstaff members will leave after a short period.

Why Should You Outsource Your IT?

 Now that you understand what IT outsourcing is, its models, and types are, it’s time to determine why and whether you need it. Let’s look at a few scenarios that illustrate when it makes sense to outsource your IT.

You Are A Domain Expert With An Idea

You are an industry expert with a viable solution. IT outsourcing is your best option. In this case, your primary goal should be to enter the market and test the solution as soon as possible. An outsourced team can assist you in validating your idea, developing a minimum viable product (MVP) to test your hypothesis, and modifying your product to meet market needs. It saves you money and time and enables you to accomplish your objective.

You’re the founder of a startup in its infancy.

It is not uncommon for young startups to spend money faster than they can put together a strong team and a market-ready product. According to The Failory, a content site for startup founders and entrepreneurs, financial difficulties are the third most common reason for a startup’s failure. Therefore, it makes more sense to cut costs by hiring an outsourced team of professionals while still operating on investor funds. You could employ a full-service product development studio to cover all the gaps and make your product come to life.

You require technical assistance.

You already have a working solution, but it requires some technical enhancements. These are usually frameworks for backend components, new language, integrations with enterprise software, and UX/UI design. It makes more sense to collaborate with an experienced partner. There are numerous functions that IT outsourcing can cover. Again, it saves you time spent on recruiting qualified staff.

Top 10 Functions to Outsource to an IT Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised the critical nature of creating tangible business value through innovative approaches. As businesses increasingly rely on global service delivery models to generate high value and quality, they are putting a premium on talent and new ways of working and capitalising on digital transformation to gain a competitive edge.

1. Application Development

2. Application Maintenance and Support

3. Data Centre Operations

4. Database Administration

5. Desktop Support

6. Disaster Recovery
7. Help Desk
8. IT Security
9. Network Operations 
10. Web Hosting and Operation

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