5 Tips for Interactive Engagement to Achieve Optimal Sourcing Solutions

5 Important Tips

Today, there is a growing realisation that both sides provide vital insights into the sourcing mix and that the best solutions appear when buyers connect with the market collectively.

This dynamic model is ideal for complex tasks with a lack of exact specifications and a need for creative solutions.

Companies looking for outsourced services should follow these top five guidelines to interact with the market:

1. Choose the appropriate level of interaction for the project. A high level of involvement is not required when acquiring vanilla outsourcing services. However, communication with Hyperion is vital when engaging in a sophisticated service or when the relationship between your unique requirements and our solutions evolves.

2. Make the bed you’ll be sleeping in. The Interactive Vendor Engagement journey entails collaboration and trust-building. Understanding what Hyperion has to offer necessitates the creation of a safe space for the exchange of ideas. Both you and Hyperion must cultivate trusting and fruitful relationships. 

3. Set effective probity and protocols in place from the start.  This maintains message consistency and defines and enforces explicit responsibilities and communication boundaries in each discovery session.

4. Interactions can be used to determine cultural compatibility. Attend meetings with Hyperion’s sales and delivery teams to evaluate the competence, cultural fit, and preparedness to follow critical processes. Recognise that we’re doing the same thing to qualify the opportunity to provide the best solution and lower the delivery risk.

5. Increased procurement costs are offset by lower delivery costs and risk. Working ahead of time to refine requirements, tighten the fit of the solution, and establish effective working relationships is time and money well spent, especially since the procurement phase accounts for only a small percentage of the total contract cost.

Market input into the requirements formulation and solution process results in improved sourcing outcomes in terms of fit, performance, risk mitigation, and relationships.


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