Outsourcing back office jobs


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Outsourcing back office jobs

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing back-office tasks, including increased operational efficiency and decreased overhead costs. Consequently, roles in finance, marketing, human resources, data entry, and IT can be outsourced and fully managed through Hyperion.

The outsourcing solutions of Hyperion Business Consultants provide access to industry-specific experts and talent, as well as the most up-to-date technological systems. Outsourcing administrative functions encourages business growth. You will have more room to reach your full business potential.

What exactly is a back office?

The “back office” is the non-client-facing administrative and support staff working for a company.

Back office jobs include data entry, document processing, settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting, and information technology services. Back office executives and staff provide management assistance for all front office production types.

The front office or client-facing staff conducts interviews, meetings, and presentations. These productions would stall without assistance from the back office.

Examples of back office jobs

Here are some examples of back-office functions you can outsource:


If you outsource your finances, you will have more time and mental space to manage cash flow and make business expansion plans. Accounting outsourcing roles include accounting, payroll processing, account management, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. By outsourcing financial functions, you can complete all the work necessary to meet deadlines and generate reports. In addition, you will have more staff available to handle busy seasons, promotional periods with high sales, and seasonal employees who require additional pay.


Marketing experts ensure that your company keeps up with trends and stays ahead of competitors. Branding, consumer communications, services, product packaging, ad placements, and promotion are all part of your company’s marketing. It also includes brainstorming, data collection, analysis, and market research. To successfully market your company, you will need a dedicated team. Outsourced marketing professionals have extensive experience in marketing across all channels and customer touchpoints.

Human resources 

Most outsourced teams have an HR manager, recruiters, and a specialist in training and development. Your outsourced HR team can help you organise your hiring processes, build a stronger team, and make employees happier and more likely to stay with your company. Outsourced human resource services take care of the recruitment process, from processing job applications to checking references and conducting interviews. They also cover programmes for training the people who work there, such as training in customer service and product knowledge. 

Data entry

Outsourcing a data entry specialist for your business ensures that all incoming and outgoing documents are scanned, processed, and organised within your system’s software, making them suitable for filing and storage. Data entry is not simply a matter of copying and pasting. Before registering in a system, it includes research, data classification, and interpretation or the application of business rules. When you outsource data entry, you relieve yourself of the responsibility of processing large volumes of documents. It increases work efficiency and output. You can concentrate on business management rather than tedious data entry.

IT support

Many businesses outsource IT support because it is one of the most important and diverse roles. Outsourced IT professionals are in charge of application and software development, database development and management; data storage; software and network installation. 

Outsourcing IT support provides your company with the most up-to-date technological tools, round-the-clock monitoring, and cost-effective IT support and maintenance. Your outsourced IT provider will also oversee data security and compliance. You will receive world-class IT expertise as well as dependable service delivery.

Outsourcing back office functions

It is essential to outsource back-office activities in order to reduce the workload of your own workforce. Then, you can focus on other crucial areas of your business. Ultimately, you will need to acquire an external supplier to eliminate inefficiencies, cut expenses, raise the emphasis on your core needs, and provide your organisation with flexibility, all of which will contribute to its success and growth.



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