I’m about to reveal the quickest and easiest method

for cutting your labour costs by Up To 60% 

Why Choose Hyperion?

  • Our management and advisors have more than thirty years of experience with outsourcing.
  • Adam Lord has twenty years of real estate expertise in Australia, is a licensed real estate agent, and has been a self-employed director for nine years.
  • Adam has sold well over a thousand properties, such as houses, flats, townhouses, land, and acreage properties, that were either new or already built.
  • Adam has employed and trained assistants through outsourcing over the years, so he understands your needs and how to maximise employee performance.
  • With Hyperion Business Consultants’ support, you have Philippines-based management assisting you on your path and an experienced Australian agent available for discussion and development.

If you operate a small real estate company or are self-employed and work from home, you may be in a position to expand and hire additional staff. In this instance, a Hyperion Business Consultant can place and help manage the ideal outsourced assistant who will work during your most convenient hours. It does not matter whether you are a morning person or a night owl; regardless of your working hours, we can find an assistant for you.

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Problems Facing Real Estate Agents in 2022

  • Not having enough listings
  • Lead costs are high as compared to the conversion ratio
  • Managing the back-office tasks
  • The increasing presence of online estate agents
  • Failing to leverage referrals
  • Digital Marketing Strategies

Are You Struggling with the Shifting Behaviours of Home Buyers?

Home buyers’ behaviour has shifted in the digital age, and people are more inclined to do their research and buying journey online. So, real estate agents or firms that shift to online processes can save a lot on overheads and even improve their leads.

Just have a look at this data collected from a study on home buyers:

  • 99% of millennial consumers look into real estate websites when searching for houses to buy.
  • 76% of buyers found their homes/properties through their mobile phones.
  • 48% of home buyers born between 1955-1964 search for on-sale properties online.
  • 17% of all buyers found a real estate agent through a mobile device.
  • 11% of prospects admit they researched the home buying process online.

Are you one of the numerous agents or companies who complete all tasks independently?

Is your primary objective to increase buyer inspections and listings?

Worried about the extra costs to hiring locally?

The increased burden on the bottom line of running your office?


It’s time to make a transformation

The Solution

Your own dedicated real estate assistant for AUD $2,100 a month.

Why Outsource?

Hiring an in-house real estate assistant can be costly and difficult. The average salary for a real estate assistant is $56,876 per year in Australia. (check wages) compared to outsourcing with Hyperion $25,200 per year

Think back to when you first received your real estate licence. You probably thought your schedule would be a little lighter and you could “set your own hours”. It didn’t take long, as with many entrepreneurs, to realise you’re working on someone else’s time clock. Of course, when you begin to build your business, it feels like freedom is getting farther and farther away due to the increasing tasks, roles, and responsibilities associated with being a real estate agent. The general public is not aware of all the services that agents provide to sellers and buyers during the transaction, probably because most of the important services are performed behind the scenes.

I challenge you to ask yourself the following question: How can you do more, in less time, by outsourcing some of your most repetitive tasks?

The following are some examples of jobs that your outsourced assistant can perform.

  • Assistants are able to continue, update, or build a database of contacts 
  • Your assistant will provide you with a daily report on your listings
  • Update your listings frequently
  • Modify photos you’ve shot yourself, add your watermark, and improve the presentation
  • Change the floor plans, site plans
  • Modify the prepared video and distribute it on social media and major websites.
  • Keep your social media regularly updated. 
  • Provide you with a daily list of all newly listed properties in your region.
  • Provide a list of the oldest properties available for sale in your core area 
  • Order marketing materials, sale signs, and professional photography
  • magazine advertising
  • Send emails to clients
  • Send reminders for final inspections, bank appraisals, and building and pest inspections.
  • Update major portals
  • Focus on first-to-market listings.
  • Promoting pre-construction, under-construction, and finished properties

Assistants can perform 50 REAL ESTATE BACK OFFICE TASKS


Real estate agencies or self-employed agents that employ virtual assistants have a competitive advantage over their rivals. As a result of delegating repetitive and administrative chores, business owners may focus on closing transactions and contracts while saving money on resources and labour costs compared to employing in-house teams.


Time to hire a Real Estate Assistant

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Our Team

Our strategy provides a comprehensive view of the sourcing landscape, informed by our in-depth knowledge of industry requirements, service provider capabilities, and emerging technology trends
Adam Lord
Head of Real Estate
“I’m sharing my 20 years of industry expertise working with homeowners, builders, investment groups, conveyancers, lawyers, mortgage brokers, and building inspectors. I’ve decided to leave the sales side of the profession to pursue my next ambition of educating the general public.
Jonathan Oaten
Director of Solutions
At Hyperion Business Consultants, our outsourcing recommendations are based on an in-depth knowledge of our client’s long-term vision, key business drivers, and constraints. With these fundamental elements in place, you can make an informed decision about which outsourcing model is right for your business.

If You Are Still Not Convinced


Real estate agents or firms hire an assistant to help them with the different aspects of business, from administrative responsibilities to more industry-focused tasks such as bookkeeping and asset management. Thanks to the many platforms and tools that support online operations, you can delegate many of these responsibilities to a remote assistant.

Here are 50 tasks you can outsource to a real estate VA categorized according to listing, marketing, transaction, bookkeeping, and property preservation duties.

Real Estate Outsourcing

Your own dedicated outsourced real estate assistant AUD$2,100 a month.

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