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Problems Facing Real Estate Agents in 2022

  • Not having enough listings
  • Lead costs are high as compared to the conversion ratio
  • Managing the back-office tasks
  • The increasing presence of online estate agents
  • Failing to leverage referrals
  • Digital Marketing Strategies

Are You Struggling with the Shifting Behaviours of Home Buyers?

Home buyers’ behaviour has shifted in the digital age, and people are more inclined to do their research and buying journey online. So, real estate agents or firms that shift to online processes can save a lot on overheads and even improve their leads.

Just have a look at this data collected from a study on home buyers:

  • 99% of millennial consumers look into real estate websites when searching for houses to buy.
  • 76% of buyers found their homes/properties through their mobile phones.
  • 48% of home buyers born between 1955-1964 search for on-sale properties online.
  • 17% of all buyers found a real estate agent through a mobile device.
  • 11% of prospects admit they researched the home buying process online.

Why Outsourcing is a Great Solution

Hiring an in-house real estate assistant can be costly and difficult. The average salary for a real estate assistant is $56,876 per year in Australia. (check wages) compared to outsourcing with Hyperion $25,200 per year

Think back to when you first received your real estate licence. You probably thought your schedule would be a little lighter and you could “set your own hours”. It didn’t take long, as with many entrepreneurs, to realise you’re working on someone else’s time clock. Of course, when you begin to build your business, it feels like freedom is getting farther and farther away due to the increasing tasks, roles, and responsibilities associated with being a real estate agent. The general public is not aware of all the services that agents provide to sellers and buyers during the transaction, probably because most of the important services are performed behind the scenes.

I challenge you to ask yourself the following question: How can you do more, in less time, by outsourcing some of your most repetitive tasks?


Hyperion Real Estate Specialisations

Real estate agencies or self-employed agents that employ virtual assistants have a competitive advantage over their rivals

As a result of delegating repetitive and administrative chores, business owners may focus on closing transactions and contracts while saving money on resources and labour costs compared to employing in-house teams.

The real estate industry is undergoing significant change. Companies and departments are grappling with a slow-growing and risky global economy. With the pressure to increase revenue while controlling costs, the critical question is how resources may be most efficiently allocated to solve these difficulties while supporting the organization’s dynamic demands.

Assistants can perform  50  REAL ESTATE  BACK OFFICE TASKS   

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Hyperion Real Estate Marketing

The key to more efficient real estate marketing is to outsource some of the more time-consuming duties. Real estate photo editing, virtual staging, floor plans, and web pages are vital tools to have but are technical, detailed tasks that take time to get just right.

It’s not surprising that virtual assistants are becoming an increasingly important part of any real estate team. Marketing assistants help with everything from updating your website, managing your mailing list and marketing campaigns, including more technical aspects of real estate marketing like photo editing, virtual staging, floor plans, and single property websites.

Outsource Virtual Staging

Enhance any real estate image by using attractive digital furniture sets that cater to a variety of tastes. Allow virtual staging artists to take an image of an empty space and transform it into a Better Homes and Gardens magazine cover. From living and dining rooms to gym equipment, game rooms, and offices, you may choose the room type and style for your real estate marketing photographs and then rely on a skilled staff to make it seem picture perfect.

Outsource Mundane Tasks

Engage the services of a specialised virtual assistant who can assist you in managing your business while staying within your budget. A virtual assistant can do everything from meeting scheduling to responding to client emails to aiding in the coordination of real estate deals. Leverage the opportunity to add another team member while saving time and money by avoiding the need to train and onboard someone locally.

Outsource Floor Plans

Hyperion Business Consultants can develop sophisticated 2D and 3D floor plans for your listings using an outline of the floor plan or even a hand-drawn drawing. Establish that your architectural drawings can be adjusted to include your company's colours, logo, and text in the final output. Floor plans are another excellent marketing tool for differentiating your business from the competition.

Outsource Video and Photo Editing

Property aerial photography has never been more popular. By collaborating with a drone photography professional, you can capture images that highlight your property's best qualities and provide prospective buyers with a bird's-eye view of their new home. Once you have the footage, have an outsourced editor make them appealing to your sellers.

Outsource Single Property Websites

If you haven't already, you should try marketing your listings through single property websites. Single property websites differentiate your listings from others and add an element of exclusivity and elegance to the listing. Apply one of the website builder's gorgeous designs and upload your images, videos, and 3D tour to create an eye-catching website with its unique URL. Use the website to assist in telling the story of the property and highlighting its best qualities.

Outsourcing Gives you the Edge

All of these services suck up a realtor's time and divert them away from more people-oriented work that results in sales. Realtors who can outsource these technological responsibilities and engage a virtual assistant to manage their marketing workflow have a significant edge in 21st-century real estate.

Frequently Outsourced Real Estate Roles

Fortunately for real estate businesses, it’s an industry that’s particularly well suited to offshoring.

Your local team is always on the move, and they’re accustomed to working with their colleagues, managers, and support staff while on the road, staying in touch and organising necessary processes. Working with offshore teams won’t require much of an adjustment.

Real estate businesses have been quick to take up new technology, adjusting to the digital world by engaging with customers online, using advertising apps, online applications and payment portals, and utilising specialist cloud-based software. As exciting as that sounds, it requires skill and expertise to ensure these systems run smoothly. That skill-set is well catered for by offshore teams, who specialise in providing exactly that kind of support to a wide variety of industries.

1. Listing Coordinator

2. Transaction Coordinator

3. Marketing Coordinator

4. Administration Coordinator

5. Property Consultant/ Coordinator
6. Project Manager
7. Lease Consultants
8. Billing and Collections Specialists.

How to Delegate Tasks & Responsibilities

When you choose to outsource, it is vital to be explicit regarding the tasks you want to complete. Your assignments, like your goals, should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely). When people start with outsourcing, their goals can sometimes be unclear. You know you need someone to take care of social media, but what does that mean exactly?

When setting up your outsourced jobs, simply stating, “I want some Instagram posts,” is insufficient. Which photographs should the VA use? Do you have a tagline for each one? Which hashtags are already in use? Have you conducted any research on that yet? Do you have any previous instances of successful Instagram posts that you have created? Rather than being imprecise, it is preferable to state something along the lines of: “Create 25 Instagram posts for me using photographs from this folder and quotes from this list of testimonials.”

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