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When you partner with Hyperion Business Consultants, you gain access to a team of specialists familiar with your business and operations. It’s all here: creative ideas, a friendly work environment that fosters success, and a support team ready to deliver results.

From recruiting top talent to managing operations and analysing productivity, Hyperion Business Consultants provides a smooth outsourcing experience that maximises your business’s efficiency and value.

Highly skilled dedicated staff.

The experience to deliver

Industry leading inovation

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Service Summary

Your Staff  

Successful outsourcing requires exceptional individuals. Hyperion’s recruitment team will find the best employees based on your job requirements and company culture and arrange interviews for you to choose the best fit. Hyperion’s account managers oversee almost all of your team’s daily needs, such as IT, human resources, and engagement. We help you integrate the offshore workforce into your existing workforce and provide them with the necessary training and productivity tools.

  • Highly educated professional staff
  • Great spoken and written English
  • Professional recruitment services
  • Over 98% retention rate
  • Flexible schedules and global time zone support
  • Work-From-Home options available
  • Fully supported (IT, HR, Payroll, Engagement)
  • Free ongoing training programs
  • Retention programs

Productivity & Management Tools

Hyperion Business Consultants deploys an array of innovative tools that provides complete visibility and control of your offshore team. You can monitor your staff’s activity in real-time and get customized reports.



  • Full visibility and control of your team
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Communication tools
  • Task management tools
  • Performance monitoring
  • Monitoring tools 
  • Daily security and performance tests (hardware and software)

Office Workspaces

We have premium operational centers throughout the Philippines featuring world-class facilities for your team. All offices are fully secure and customers have the option of shared spaces or private suites.

  • Modern, fully equipped offices
  • Safe and secure
  • Shared or dedicated suites (optional)
  • Enterprise security options
  • Branding options
  • Meeting and boardroom access


The standard hardware configuration is a custom built intel i5 PC with 8GB of RAM and dual monitors. Computer setup is generally based around your Solution.

Hardware is fully customisable on request. Our technical team takes care of software installations, maintenance and upgrades.

Customers can choose the hardware and OS that best suits their roles including, high-end workstations, laptops, Macs (not included in the base pricing).

Note: Standard specs are updated regularly. Please consult with your Account Manager for the latest updates.

  • 2 x 21.5″ Monitors
  • Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5
  • 8GB DDR4 3.2MHz
  • 500GB storage
  • Plantronics 628 Audio Headset
  • Standard USB webcam
  • UPS – Eaton 5L 650VA


Standard software configuration is Windows 10 and Google Suite. The operating system and software is completely configurable on request. We also have Ubuntu as an option.

  • Windows 10 (other OS available on request)
  • G Suite (Business)
  • Security and performance tools
  • Fully customizable

Business Continuity

We have extensive business continuity planning in place to ensure that our customers are able to maintain operations with minimal disruption to their business.

  • Backup power
  • Redundant high-speed connectivity
  • Backup environmental systems
  • Rapid transfer protocols to move staff to alternate offices in case of disaster
  • Real-time staff location monitoring
  • Emergency home PC/laptop kits
  • Emergency contact systems
  • Customizable BCP available


We take security very seriously with extensive physical and data security measures as standard. All offices are equipped with guards, RFID & biometric access, while all computers are installed with software for daily security, network, IP and software checks.

  • Manned security guards
  • Staff background checks
  • Biometric and RFID security
  • Daily PC security checks
  • CCTV
  • PCI compliant zones available
  • Enterprise-level security options available

Account Managers

Your personal Account Manager is there to help you optimize your team and grow your business. They are your first port of call for any issues you may wish to raise with Hyperion. They will regularly meet with you to ensure your team is operating optimally and meeting your expectations.

  • Quarterly client performance meetings and KPI setting
  • Growth planning sessions
  • Ownership of issues raised and resolution tracking
  • Invoice inquiries and finance team follow up

Onboarding Managers

Hyperion Onboarding Managers team are highly trained industry experts ready to help onboard your team members. In the first few weeks, they help you set up and establish the team’s cadence and establish your core KPIs.

  • Help set up your team’s regular tasks and suggest KPIs
  • Help configure management tools and  interfaces
  • Additional consulting services are available upon request

Getting To The Roots of Hyperion’s Services

We provide a wide range of high performance outsourcing solutions.
Tailored to your needs.

Traditional Outsourcing

It’s no longer only about cost savings when it comes to traditonal outsourcing. It’s an undoubtedly strategic instrument that allows businesses to profit from the world’s transformation into a smaller, more technologically advanced place.

E-Commerce Full Suite

E-Commerce Full Suite has the ideal combination of tools and services to provide your company with the tools it needs to get everything done. You are no longer forced to juggle multiple third-party relationships, tasks, and inefficiency.

Capital Markets Solutions

Investment banks have long been at the vanguard of operations outsourcing. Almost all of the world’s largest investment banks have vendor arrangements in low-cost countries. In comparison, private equity and Venture Capital is even more recent.

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